About Allen Cheek

Charlotte, North Carolina

As a boy at the age of 8, Allen was hooked on fishing by the side of an old carp pond.  At the age of 12, his parents purchased their first bass boat and they instilled in him a love for bass fishing.  As Allen grew older it was one of his dreams to have a bass boat of his own one day so that he could continue on that tradition with his family.

Along with the love of fishing, his Dad always preached skin protection to me as he has had many issue with skin cancer over the years.  Allen took this advice very lightly until he started having some of the same issues.  It was then that he learned the importance of sunscreen and any other source of covering that would keep the UV rays from causing further skin damage.   Fish Monkey gloves have become a staple form of protection for Allen. When he is on the water now, he do not have the constant worry of skin cancers on his hands; instead his concentration is on that next bite. “I am now fishing with the Yadkin Valley Bass Masters on a regular occasion and I look forward to introducing this great product to these anglers as well as local tackle shops in my area,” Allen says.