About Capt. Charles Perry

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Fishing since the age of six when his father used to drag him out of church to head offshore, Perry grew up surrounded by the wonders of the offshore world. He jumped headfirst into a career as a professional deckhand. It was in Australia several years later that he met legends like Capt. Peter B. Wright, with whom he worked for several seasons, catching numerous black marlin over the magical thousand-pound mark. “Back then, I really fought them on the leader as much as the angler did on rod and reel. But when you’re young and strong, you really love that stuff. I’m not any better or any more famous; I’ve just outlived everybody else,” he says. In 2011, Perry was inducted to the IGFA’s prestigious Legendary Captains and Crews, an honor bestowed upon the best in the world. He’s caught over 30 marlin, blue and black, over the magical thousand-pound mark, known as a “grander,” and has also assisted in the capture of 13 world-record game fish.

Charles Perry was also instrumental in the design and construction of the Fish Monkey offshore wiring gloves. After all, when you set out to create the world’s best gloves, it makes sense to work with one of the world’s best wiremen. The result: the Beast Master Heavy Wiring Glove and the Quick Release Medium-Weight Glove. The Beast Master is widely regarded as the finest glove of its’ kind in the world. Designed with all the performance features demanded by wiremen who regularly handle the leader marlin and tuna up to 1,000-plus pounds, this glove can take all the strain you can put on it without damaging your hands. And the Quick Release glove is perfect for smaller marlin, sailfish and other game fish, with many of the same features in a lighter package with better feel on lighter leaders. Both are incredibly durable, with Kevlar fabrics and padding in all the right places. “We worked hard on these designs,” Perry says, “and I feel that we really got it right. They’re terrific!” It’s high praise from a true professional in the cockpit.