About Henry Waszczuk

Host, Fishing the Flats

Email: info@finsmediagroup.com

Henry Waszczuk (pronounced was-chuck) was born in England and came to Canada at the age of two. He was a standout high school and collegiate football player who also played in the Canadian Football League. He is also a passionate angler and teacher. After his retirement from the CFL in 1985, Henry co-founded Canadian Sportfishing, a multi-media company, where he co-hosted and produced various television shows including Extreme Fishing, Sportfishing Adventures and the Canadian Sportfishing TV show which aired for 14 years. He is now host of two shows, Fins & Skins Classic Adventures and Fishing the Flats TV. Henry is also publisher of Canadian Sportfishing Magazine and has co-authored eight sportfishing books. He is a 32-year veteran of television and remains as passionate about sport-fishing today as he did when he landed his first fish.