About Stephen Trull

Mineola, Texas

Stephen started his adventure when his stepfather Gene took him bream fishing on his 6th birthday at Lake o’ the Pines in East Texas. They caught 38 keepers using the cheese from their lunch as bait because they ran out of worms. A couple of years later, Gene introduced Stephen to bass fishing on Lake Murvaul using a grape firetail Texas-rigged plastic worm. He caught his first bass and from that point was totally hooked. They entered the local KYKX Big Bass tournament and Stephen caught the biggest fish. Unfortunately, it was a alligator gar. From that day Stephen knew what he wanted to do; fish competitively.

September 24, 1990, he proudly joined the U.S. Army to serve his country. He has and will always have the heart and blood of a soldier. Desert Storm kicked off and he was stationed in Augsburg, Germany with the HHQ Company, 701st MI Brigade.

A couple years after returning from the military, he finally was able to purchase a new Skeeter SS90 bass boat. It was red, white and blue and only a 16-footer, but had all he needed to get started. Living in Nacogdoches, Texas he fished everything within a 100-mile radius. Today, you can find him fishing local tournaments as well as Skeeter Bass Champs and Bassmaster Opens. Believing in giving back, he also is a boat captain for the local high school bass team.