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What is the Point of Using Fingerless Fishing Gloves?

Fingerless Gloves

Fishing gloves are not uncommon any more. In fact, there are a number of styles and varieties that you can choose from depending on what you are fishing for. Ice fishing, fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, lake fishing, and more; all have their own style of fishing gloves you can get while enjoying a day out on the water. But, one kind of fishing glove that might have you wondering why you’d even use it is fingerless fishing gloves.

Fingerless fishing gloves look almost odd. It begs the question, why even wear the gloves if the fingers are exposed? Well, while it is true that your fingers are indeed exposed with fingerless fishing gloves, it is also true that it is by design. Think about it, if you are tying a complex fishing knot or just dealing with a lot of precise movements with your fingers, you don’t necessarily want fingertips on your gloves. You want to have the ability to feel and touch as though you had no gloves on at all.

Again then, why wear fingerless gloves at all? Honestly, it all comes down to personal care. While it is true, your fingers will be bare, and you’ll still have the bulk of your hands and fingers fully covered. This will help with things like sun protection as quality gloves will have UPF 50 built in. That’s protection that ensures your hands stay sunburn free. An often overlooked factor is dipping your hands in and out of the water as you catch and release fish means your sunblock is washed off. But with gloves, this is not a factor.

Another type of protection that is offered is against fish themselves. Many fish have spines that can poke, teeth that can bite, and then there is always the ever-present danger of a lively catch flailing about only to lodge a hook or lure deep into your hand. Fingerless fishing gloves help eliminate these types of threats as well.

So with those positives, it is easy to see why you would wear fingerless gloves. Again, fingerless fishing gloves are made that way by design, and if you find a quality pair, you’ll hardly realize they’re on. Look for quality knitting patterns, a nice stretch fabric, and of course, ones that offer UPF 50. Once a quality pair like that is on your hands, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get them there.

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